New film Highland Park has a pretty great cast, including, Parker Posey, Danny Glover, Billy Burke, Kimberly Elise, Naturi Naughton, and Rockmond Dunbar. The inspiring flick centers on a group of high school faculty members and their desire to improve their community, which was once a desirable Detroit neighborhood whose prosperity was built on the auto industry, but is now run-down and emptied of hope. After hearing that budget cuts have eliminated their positions, one of the teachers wins the lottery after playing the numbers the team has played for over ten years.

The film gives us the vantage point from each character as we see what they would do with the large sum of money. The movie was created to help re-open the real Highland Park’s McGregor Library, which was shut down in 2002 because of a lack of funds.

Naturi Naughton plays an aspiring singer hoping to break out of her neighborhood, but she has a two year old daughter and she’s constantly fighting her circumstances.

Believe it or not, the film is actually a dark comedy, directed by Andrew Meieran.


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